viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

Cultural tourism and business opportunities for museums and heritage sites

"Cultural tourism represents an area of significant economic benefit to museums and heritage sites. Challenging economic times in particular require cultural and heritage facilities to explore ways and means to increase attendance and self-generated revenues and to control operating expenses."

"This paper considers the opportunities for the continued development of cultural tourism, with a focus on museums and heritage sites in urban settings. It is based on the main findings of the cultural tourism strategy completed in 1994 by LORD Cultural Resources for the Province of Ontario. The study is called Strategic Directions for Ontario's Cultural Tourism Product. The central strategies developed in that study will be applied to the notion that heritage organizations need to communicate to existing and potential supporters their important role in helping to meet not only the preservation and educational needs of a community, but also wider community needs such as tourism, economic development and downtown revitalization."

Author: Silberberg T.

Source: Tourism Management, Volume 16, Number 5, August 1995 , pp. 361-365(5)

Publisher: Elsevier

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